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Yes, we've been fishing again...

First trout on a topwater and it's a keeper! Aidan took this lure and put it away on the ride home. He said he's keeping it as a reminder of this trip and his first spotted trout on top. Our good friend Dylan Ross of  DR Lures Custom Baits  does it again. The dude gets it! A great trip out of Port O'Connor filled with fun and memories that will last a lifetime. Aidan's comment after a fun day of wade fishing, "Sometimes you just need to get out of the boat." That's a good rule, Aidan Milligan. He switched back to a bait caster shortly after this pic was taken. I put too much line on the spinning reel and it made casting without knots difficult. So much for that. The kids have both become proficient with bait casters and prefer them. It took me a lot longer to be able to cast like that. Our good buddy Dylan Ross is a great friend and a great teacher. He spends a good deal of time on the water and is anxious to teach others, especially the you

We are off and running in Stonewall, TX...


One last trip, or maybe a couple, before quail season begins...

Aidan and I made it back down to Port O'Connor to fish with Dylan Ross of DR Custom Lures and Aaron Rolette.  Dylan told me that he was gonna get a shark.  Well, he did more than that, and he and Aaron deserve all the credit for putting Aidan and me on some BIG fish. A trip that we will remember and look back on fondly for years to come. Enjoy the pictures from our most excellent weekend!