Saturday, October 03, 2015

Plateau Land & Wildlife - Wildlife Management Valuation Seminars!!

Every year before the quail season starts we get busy over at Plateau!!  Our Fall seminar series has begun. We'll be traveling aroudn telling sharig education and stories about wildlife management for anyone who will listen and who may benefit from the infomration. It's really good stuff!! If you're a landowner in Texas and you have had any thoughts of moving from traditional Ag to a more friendly way of maintaining your lower property tax valuation, these presentations are sure to be of some value to you. A great chance to learn first hand about the ins and outs of wildlife management as an alternative to traditional Ag and find out if it's right for you and your property. We hope you'll join us at one of the events below.


Please visit our webiste at or contact us directly at 512-894-3479 or if you have any questions or woudl like more information. Tim

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Montezuma Quail in the Hill Country...

A special quail may be making a comeback in the Edwards Plateau.  Read more about the Montezuma Quail and story of these great photos at our friend Romey Swanson's blog, Adventures With A Modern Texas Naturalist.

Montezuma Quail

Montezuma Quail hiding in the grass

Montezuma Quail walking away

Friday, January 02, 2015

Rest in peace, Wally. 7/8/2002 - 1/2/2015

One of the finest I've had the privilege to hunt with.  Loyal as they come, and second to none in the field.  One of the few I've known that could turn it off and turn it on.  Loving and affectionate, softhearted, yet tough as nails in the field.  Our Wally, D2 Wahoo McDaniel, a true gundawg in every way.  We'll miss you buddy.  Hunt 'em up!!

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