Mesquite Bay Oyster Reefs - Preserved by TPWD!

UPDATED 11/3/2022

The TPWD Commissioners voted on November 3rd, 2022 to adopt the TPWD proposal and close these reefs to commercial harvest permanently. A big win for mother earth today! Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible.


There are so many reasons to preserve these vital resources that go way beyond fishing. The reefs have been damaged by storms and recent overharvest. A proposal from Texas Parks and Wildlife will close these reefs to commercial fishing to allow them to recover before it is too late. Once a reef loses too much of its vertical structure it is almost impossible for it to recover naturally. 

Learn more from CCA Texas and Flatsworthy Texas here.

Public comment is open until November 2, 2022, right here. TPWD Public Comment

Watch the series of informative videos here. Flatsworthy on YouTube

Hear the perspective of a respected professional guide, Jay Watkins here. "Are we going to lose this?"

Thank you for your help supporting this cause near to us here at Deacon's Point.

The Milligan's

Overharvest in 2021 will happen again without our help.

A healthy oyster reef provides erosion control on the shoreline

THE AMERICAN OYSTER CATCHER - making its living and providing for its family on an emergent(rises above the water line) reef in the Mesquite Bay complex. This threatened species needs these emergent reefs and the habitat they protect in order to survive and flourish.

HEALTHY OYSTERS, CLEAN WATER In one day, a healthy, 25-acre oyster reef can filter roughly the same amount of water as used by the City of Houston in the same period. © Clay Bolt


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